4 autumn lighting trends for a cosy home

Each year, the Fall season boasts cooler, crisp temperatures and vibrant colours with its beautiful foliage and we get to look forward to Thanksgiving (I’m Canadian so ours is in October), then Halloween and finally Christmas  — it really is one of my favourite times of the year!  So as the nights begin to creep in and the days become…

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Franz Siccardi

Designed by Franz Siccardi, this abstract sculptural work of art will infuse any decor with spell-binding sophistication. A solid square base fashioned out of white Carrara marble merges with an open iron frame, their geometric harmony and material contrast creating breathtaking lightness and textural depth. Daring and radical, Ta_Volo®, a deft portmanteau, bridges the Italian words “volo” (flying) and “tavolo”…

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