Laura Riera, founder of the Barcelona-based handbag label The Sant, was working at an architectural studio when she felt a desire to build something from the ground herself. During a trip to Japan, she fell in love with the juxtaposition of “modernity and tradition, luxury and simplicity, classic beauty and symbolism” around her, and recognized these as the exact same…

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Sustainable Fashion – What it really means.

What does Sustainable Fashion REALLY mean? HARVEY NICHOLS SUNDAY PODCAST Sustainable fashion is definitely having its moment right now, and as consumers, we are more environmentally conscious than ever before. That’s according to a recent industry report, which found 50% of us prefer to buy from retailers who are trying to reduce their impact on the environment. But what does…

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The Moncler ‘Noir’

The ​Moncler Genius ​project: ​6 MONCLER ​NOIR KEI NINOMIYA. After the long hot summer we are now all incredibly excited about sipping hot toddies in front of an open fire. Its time to really start looking at the your winter wardrobe. Top of our list at this week is anything from the Genius Noir Collection. The overall effect is one…

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Found by YBD in 2012 Lily Kamper is an astounding new creative force in jewellery. In a world of safely same Lily brings startling freshness in architectural forms with vibrant hand colouring. “Inspired by architecture, pyramids and temple structures, I use combinations of hard and soft materials such as printed leather, etched metal and dip-dyed and lathed perspex.” After graduating…

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