Buddhism Exhibition – The British Library

Encounter the outstanding beauty of Buddhist manuscripts and artworks in the largest exhibition of its kind ever held at the British Library. Explore rare treasures from the Library’s collection including colourful scrolls, precious artefacts and stunning illuminated books spanning 2,000 years and 20 countries. Meet the women whose stories are told through Buddhist scripture. Admire artefacts made by hand in a…

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Nendo Japan 2019

“Nendo: forms of movement” Collaborating with a number of Japanese manufacturers using special materials and technologies, nendo’s 2018 solo exhibition will present 10 concepts that revolve around the idea of movement, originating from an object’s function, material or production process. All 10 concepts are defined by their delicate material and precise production techniques. The exhibition will showcase not only the final products, but the models and mockups…

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