Laura Riera, founder of the Barcelona-based handbag label The Sant, was working at an architectural studio when she felt a desire to build something from the ground herself. During a trip to Japan, she fell in love with the juxtaposition of “modernity and tradition, luxury and simplicity, classic beauty and symbolism” around her, and recognized these as the exact same…

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New Designers 2020

Something for your diary! Full of disruptive thinking, ambitious ideas and fresh approaches, New Designers presents the work of 3,000 hand-picked graduate design talents from around the country. Taking place at London’s Business Design Centre from 1 – 4 & 8 – 11 July 2020, the show explores every discipline of modern making.Great design shapes the human experience, and new…

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Health Retreats 2020

At this time of the year when we tend to overdrink, overeat and over party, but wouldn’t it be nice just to let all of it go and cleanse your soul and body of everything toxic you experienced past year? Start the new one healthy and positively. Your Wonderlist team cares about you and that’s why we put up a…

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Michelin 2020, London

Its not long before Valentines Day and if you want to get ahead of the game you need to book now! If you really want to impress or dig your way out of the dog house we have put a little guide together to help with the pain of planning ahead. Michelin launched its 2020 guide in October 2019 and it includes a third star for…

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Magnificent 2020 Events in London

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and London is most certainly one of the best places on earth to celebrate! Wrapping up this year in grand style definitely makes the new year startout with the best energy. This magnificent city leaves us spoiled for choice on New Year’s Eve. From elegant bars to chic cocktail parties and black-tie galas,…

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