Skull Poker


Box measures 35cm x 35cm x 16cm
A limited edition of 15 boxes
Handmade in the UK

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The wood is a mixture of sycamore, walnut, oak, Masur birch and 4,000-year-old bog oak.

The poker box houses 500 traditional clay poker chips, custom made by the oldest poker chip makers in the US, and are gold stamped with the brand’s logo.
The dealer button is of black marble, engraved and inlaid in brass, and the blind buttons are engraved mother-of-pearl discs.

A limited edition exquisite marquetry poker set with 500 chips and hidden compartments

The chips are housed on leather-handled trays on two levels and the lower level has two secret compartments.
The playing cards are by KEM, makers of the world’s finest playing cards.


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