The Wonder Guide – Ultra Luxe Gyms

If you have already given up on your New Years resolutions and need extra persuasion to get yourself to the gym! Let us help you. If your going to sweat you might as well do it in pure luxury. We’ve rounded up our favourites which deliver the workout experience like no other, here’s our pick of London’s uber luxe gyms……

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Ski 2019 – The Wonder Guide

Everyone deserves a little bit of luxury now and again, and a ski holiday is the perfect opportunity to indulge and treat yourself to a luxurious week away. The Wonder List has handpicked some outrageously good chalets in Europe that will cater to your every need, private chefs, pools, saunas and a massuse you will never want to go on…

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The World’s Best Oyster Bars 2019

Not only do the flavors of oysters vary widely, so do the rituals on how you should consume these delicious morsels. Some of us treat them as a special delivery service for our favourite condiment such Tabasco and shallot vingear. Others prefer their oysters poached, fried, grilled or dunked in a bloody mary! But a purist takes their oysters straight, no…

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