Event of the Week – MIND X Chotto Matte

Launching on the 14th January, Soho restaurant Chotto Matte is putting together an array of stunning dishes to raise awareness and support for mental health charity MIND. Executive chef Jordan Sclare will serve up a full spectrum of colour, with dishes designed to positively impact mood, using the science of chromotherapy. Yellow, the colour of intellect, creativity and personal power will be a hake and turmeric dish with a vibrant yellow…

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Brand of the Week – Kiton

Kiton’s new über-luxe sports line KTN – available in New York, Milan and Paris and now London. The team at Kiton have designed this stylish look for running about the very busy city in extreme comfort and with cool elegance. Streamlined, tailored suits and an overcoat – all in shades of anthracite grey – come in new fabrics such as 14 micron wool, combed cashmere, cashmere/linen mixes and…

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Brand of the Week – Lucas Hugh

Designed for the woman who does not want to compromise on performance or style, Lucas Hugh activewear fills the need for versatile clothing that carries energy and sophistication beyond the gym. Cut to complement and engineered to support. Based in London and produced in Europe at one of the most technologically advanced sportswear factories in the world, – also home…

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