The Eve table base leads to more ease of use and can be used in both residential and public applications. It serves as a perfect solution for hotels or restaurants at the reception desk or as a publicity screen. Of course, it can also be very useful as an extra screen in your kitchen or living room. Like other Basalte…

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250 Design

Water Vacuum dehumidifier Water Vacuum can remove moisture or odor in the shoes after exercising. It can keep sneakers wet with sweat every time without a smell and prevent the propagation of the bacteria. Keeping it in boots or military boots hard to dry, it can dry the shoes washed very occasionally.

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STOW London

Complete with phone charger and cable, foldaway plug and memory stick STOW have your travel tech zipped up and secure in a stunning luxury leather case. The butter soft leather case includes a powerful portable battery enabling you to fully recharge a range of phones and tablets twice, an executive style 32GB USB to ensure important electronic files are always…

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Woodstick offers a stunning range of wooden bicycle accessories and goods beautifully crafted to compliment your lifestyle bicycle. Our range of accessories include handlebars and wooden bicycle racks. We are also proud to offer a range of Erenpreiss lifestyle city cycles that provide you with traditional riding comfort and functionality without compromising on style. First in line are handcarved handlebars…

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JEWELLERY LINKED TO YOUR SMART PHONE Link your smart phone to Designer Jewellery Altruis smart jewellery review said: “It might essentially have ‘just’ one function but what it can offer – peace of mind while still staying hooked up to the internet – is arguably much more likely to improve your life than say, ten questionable smartwatch features.”

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Osloform – Serpentine Stereo

Serpentine stereo features built in phono preamplifier, and 4”  full range speakers. In the design process of Serpentine, we have focused on minimalism, usability and tactile contrasts.  We have also strived to cultivate the essence of a stereo as both hi-fi and furniture object. For us, sound quality, usability and aesthetics are equally important qualities in such a product. Price…

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