African Luxury Reborn.

The painful chic brand that is Ozwald Boateng. A collection of texture, colour and substance each design evokes the essence of a gentleman’s character. The acknowledgement that style is an extension of one’s self culminates in the wearer having their own voice. “The celebration of Heroes, Kings and Queens, inspiration for the future, the next generation. A true manifestation of individuality, the enhancement of…

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Art – Light by Rocco Borghese

World-renowned designer Rocco Borghese has provided beautiful, unique and made to order lighting for some of the world’s most successful hotels, resorts and luxury hotel chains. Established in Italy as specialised glassblowers for three generations and for 35 years in their UK Head Office in London the Borghese family are devoted to the art and science of chandelier manufacture. Rocco Borghese…

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Heavy Metal meet Origami

The first thing that springs to mind when these two worlds collide is how? Fritz and Rose are two extreamly talented jewellery designers that asked themselves that same question, after great persistence and a lot of failed attepts they came up with the answer and developed a beautiful brand full of craft and precision. “We love what we do, and…

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