Orient Express – Peru

For those seeking complete cultural immersion with a taste for adventure – A new culinary journey crossing land, rail and river in the aromatic landscapes of Peru. The Great Food Adventure: Peru – 10-night tour throughout the culinary paradise of Peru, from the cosmopolitan buzz of Lima, to basking in the soaring, rugged beauty of the Andes to uncovering the…

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Run London

Parkland Walk This disused railway is a surprisingly peaceful tree-lined tunnel which starts at Finsbury Park and ends in Highgate, slicing through Crouch End along the way. It’s roughly a-two-and-a-half kilometre stretch each way, but can be extended by looping around Finsbury Park or the pleasantly shaded Highbury Wood at either end. Hampstead Heath An oldie, but a goodie. The…

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Health Retreats 2020

At this time of the year when we tend to overdrink, overeat and over party, but wouldn’t it be nice just to let all of it go and cleanse your soul and body of everything toxic you experienced past year? Start the new one healthy and positively. Your Wonderlist team cares about you and that’s why we put up a…

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Iconic Suites – London

Excelling in exquisite hospitality and the best of refined luxury, this is The Wonder Lists 2019 Iconic Suite Guide, Rich in culture, quality and character these are the most sensational suites in London. The Mandrake Hotel – The Penthouse  The Mandrake’s Penthouse is a dashing contemporary apartment on the top floor of the hotel, flooded with rooftop light. Encased in white Veronese bookend…

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