A limited collection of only 161 pieces inspired by the golden ratio

ONESIXONE are the three first figures of the number that governs beauty, the golden ratio. The golden ratio attributes an aesthetic character to objects. Some even believe it has a mystical importance. Along the historyit has been included in the design of various works of architecture and art. The golden ratio is synonym with balance, harmony and beauty because of its sound, its emotional charge, its visual and graphic balance. The sense of harmony that transmits being a palindrome number and representativeness of this number in the philosophy of the brand, as well as its their relationship with nature and architecture.


The ONESIXONE brand was created with the aim of being a global niche brand of handbags, internationally positioned in the luxury sector through a single, exclusive, personalized and limited collection. We created only 161 units numbered and customized with just two collections a year, which are lovingly made by hand using centuries-old tradition. We want to be ahead of our time, pioneer, visionary, looking for the harmony of a woman in all aspects creating different and unique experiences through emotions, sensations and new dialogue with the woman.


The ONESIXONE brand is inspired by Fibonacciʼs series of numbers widely known as the golden ratio. This divine proportion is the source of inspiration and imagination for the brand. This Golden Ratio truly is unique in its mathematical properties and pervasive in its appearance throughout nature. The “mathematically challenged” may be more interested in the appearances of Phi in nature, its application to art, architecture and design, and its potential for insights into the more spiritual aspects of life, but letʼs begin with the purest of facts about Phi, which are found in mathematics.

There are many other fascinating mathematical relationships and oddities in both Phi and the Fibonacci series. They both frequently appear in the numbers of petals in a flower and in the spirals of plants. The positions and proportions of the key dimensions of many animals are based on Phi, such as the body proportions of ants and other insects, wing dimensions and location of eye-like spots on moths, the spirals of sea shells and the position of the dorsal fins on porpoises. More intriguing yet is the extensive appearance of Phi throughout the human form, in the face, body, fingers, teeth and even in our DNA, and the impact that this has on our perceptions of human beauty. The beauty in women and men is based on how closely the proportions of facial and body dimensions come to the Phi number.

The unique mathematical properties of Phi has made appearances throughout historic creation. The Great Pyramids of Egypt’s base, height, and hypotenuse all appear to embody the Golden Ratio. Leonardo Da Vinci used Phi, known in the 1500’s as “The Divine Proportion,” in a number of his paintings. Other artists, including Raphael, SandroBotticelli and Georges Seurat did as well. The dimensions of the treasured Stradivarius violins built around 1700 show Phi relationships. It plays a role in music and acoustics.

More modern applications of the Golden Ratio in architecture can be seen in Notre Dame in Paris, the United Nations Headquarters Secretariat building in New York and the CN Tower in Toronto. It’s commonly used in the design of products and logos and by many major corporations.

The description of this golden proportion as the Divine proportion is fitting because it is seen by many as a door to a deeper understanding of beauty and spirituality in life, unveiling a hidden harmony in so much of what we see.

That’s an incredible role for a single number to play, but then again this one number has played an incredible role in human history and in the foundations of life itself. The line between its mathematical and mystical aspects is thus not easily draw.

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At a glance

Founded: 1834, East End of London
Founder: Charles Henry Harrod
Industry: Retail
Products: Luxury Goods

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