Hideaway is the kind of chandelier-clad cafe, perfect for meeting and a coffee and cake with someone special. The eclairs are rich, the croque madame is a soft, crispy cheese fest, and the pizzas come topped with quality things like truffle and wild thyme. The £18 lobster roll is the real star of the show at this Mayfair café though. It’s a rich, sweet hefty lunch that puts a smile on your face. The specialist coffee is also excellent, like the kind of excellent where you take one sip and consider buying a second one to prevent any caffeine attachment issues arising. And then there’s the wines from Hedonism, the caviar and black truffle by the till, and out front, the boujiest waffle station the world has ever seen. It’s fine dining dressed down in its trackies, ready for a good time at the park. Basically, every single thing about this place is fantastic


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