Normal People x Airbnb

Already dreaming of your post-pandemic escape? Us too, and we couldn’t think of a more tranquil setting than the Italian countryside.You’re probably lusting after the Italian villa they stay at in episode eight of the series (just sans Jamie), and luckily you can rent it on Airbnb.

The Italian farmhouse is located in Sant’Oreste, a small commune 35km north of Rome and costs just £35 per night for the home, even in the height of summer.

We fell in love with Marianne and Connell, the two young and complicated lovers, as we delved deep into the inner workings of their tangled relationship. We follow their relationship from sixth form through to university, and one destination in particular which was powerful and moving was Marianne’s family holiday home in Italy. Luckily for Normal People lovers, you can now book into this location, well the two-bedroom apartment in the grounds of the villa. With a backdrop as beautiful as the Italian landscape and swimming pool.

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