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At this time of the year when we tend to overdrink, overeat and over party, but wouldn’t it be nice just to let all of it go and cleanse your soul and body of everything toxic you experienced past year? Start the new one healthy and positively. Your Wonderlist team cares about you and that’s why we put up a list of the best health retreats to spend your holidays in. Get away from the crowd, work and responsibilities. Empty your mind, fill up your heart and dive into 2020 feeling strong, happy and healthy.

Simply Healing Retreat, Sussex 

Simply Healing is an exclusive residential Holistic Detox Retreat, specialising in serious Detox Diets, Weight Loss and Fertility Boosting Juice Programmes, set in the relaxing West Sussex countryside. With 2020 on the horizon, it is time for an overhaul of your health, that is why Simply Healing offers you a New Year Detox, starting on the 2nd of January. Lose weight, feel uplifted, de-stressed and reconnected to your body, mind and spirit and choose from a long weekend cleanse to a five, seven or ten day plan. 

Price: from £1625 BOOK HERE


Kin Retreats, Cotswolds & Ibiza

These luxury retreats take you on a transformative wellbeing journey of fitness, balanced nutritious food and restful recovery. Approach is to stimulate and challenge as much as you relax and inspire.

All of the retreats are dedicated to training smart, eating balanced meals prepared by a Private Chef, and getting lots of rest and recovery, so you can leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Kin host two different retreats, seven day reset week is based in Ibiza at the Kin Villa, and our “Mummy Retreat” is based in the Cotswolds at Country Cotswolds Manor.

The expert team of Kin Coaches and Therapists are dedicated to personalising your retreat, with goal driven training, technique workshops, confidence and life chats, and spa treatments.


This retreat includes a complete body composition analysis, one to one training with highly trained coaches and therapists and macro-led meals, with all dietary needs being catered to by our award-winning in-house chef. Accommodation is at the private kin villa which has 7000m2 of space for your to relax with panoramic sea views.​

From £500


The mummy retreat gives you balanced and a slow paced environment and guarantees a restful getaway, with a specialist offering of workouts suitable for all mums at any post partum stage, putting your well being first so you can go back to your family feeling refreshed. Our priority is to look after our families and we can only do that  if we take care of ourselves first. Located in peaceful countryside Cotswolds manor, the Mummy Retreat is all about you. Taking your rest very seriously, sleep and down time is the most important. Rooms are spacious and cosy and all share tranquil views of the countryside. Take your mummy friends with you and get the long deserved rest after the holidays.

From £500



Healthy Gut Retreat, Worcestershire

This gut-focused escape by The Clover Mill in Malvern, Worcestershire, is for anyone with gluten-intolerance, stress, anxiety, depression, stiff aching joints, digestive issues, chronic tiredness, skin conditions, sugar cravings or wanting to lose weight.

The retreat aims to reset your gut bacteria and tackles this with yoga classes, meditation, massages and meals made with seasonal ingredients and probiotics.

From £1695 BOOK HERE


Transformative Yoga Retreat, Canterbury 

Jo Miller of Solasta Sounds, Hayley, and guest teachers Amie Evans and Bradley Starkey have created a luxurious bit of ‘me time’ among like-hearted people. This getaway is built with a nourishing start to the New Year in mind. There will be zero expectations of you in the time with Solasta Sounds.


This retreat as an alternative to New Year events that can sometimes leave you feeling drained – we have all been there! This will be a space and a time that you can rest and restore, no deep ‘work’ just some gentle invitations to return to the body and heart space and leave you nourished and feeling great about yourself ready for the New Year ahead.

From £684 BOOK HERE

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