Montegrappa, Limited Editions

Fine writing instruments have always held a special place in the hearts of worldwide enthusiasts of all luxurious possessions. Many of them, especially those made by Montegrappa, have become regarded as not just mere writing tools, but as works of art . The most expensive pens in the world are made of high-end materials like diamonds and gold. That is, of course why many run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the oldest makers of fountain pens in Italy is Montegrappa, which was founded in 1912. Since then, they have become world renowned for making some of the finest writing instruments available both then and now, many of which are limited edition fountain pens or rollerball pens.

Sylvester Stallone, who is a well-known Hollywood star, designed this Limited Edition pen as part of the Montegrappa Cult Series. Each of the 912 rollerballs and 1,000 fountain pens produced was made of black pearlized celluloid with overlays of sterling silver depicting skulls, snakes, lizards, and swords with all of that juxtaposed with death and highlighted with translucent fire-colored enamel ribbons.


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