Fancy London Chippy Fries Quality Street

Ok so we have all heard of the infamous deep-fried Mars bar from Scotland, It seems London would like a piece of the deep fried chocolate action…molten hot battered chocolate is coming! In the form of Quality Street.  A well known Soho chip shop, Poppies in Old Compton Street, will be serving up ‘lucky dips’ of battered Quality Street charging £2.50 for five. If its not up your street you are on the wrong planet!  This festive chip shop will also be open on Christmas Day so if you want to park the stuffed turkey until next year head down to Poppies… Quality Street will be served from 1 December all the way to 25 December.

The Poppies team has also ranked the famous chocolates, with the Toffee Finger coming out on top! They will be asking for your opinion so you might have to go back a few times in order to try them all…in the name of research.


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