The World’s Best Oyster Bars 2019

Not only do the flavors of oysters vary widely, so do the rituals on how you should consume these delicious morsels. Some of us treat them as a special delivery service for our favourite condiment such Tabasco and shallot vingear. Others prefer their oysters poached, fried, grilled or dunked in a bloody mary! But a purist takes their oysters straight, no messing.

However you eat yours make sure you eat them somewhere intimate and fabulous, we have hand picked some of the best from New York to Paris.

The Chiltern Firehouse – London 

We have to start with London – Popular among fashion folk and foodies alike, the oyster cart situated in the courtyard of Chiltern Firehouse is a big hit. Bobby Groves’ ‘native’ oysters rotate around the UK ensuring only the best at the celeb-filled hang out.


Elliott’s Oyster House – Seattle

Seattle’s most famous oyster palace has a prime setting on the downtown waterfront, a handsome 21-foot-long bar, and best of all, a ready supply of rare Olympia oysters (Ostrea lurida), a silver-dollar-size mindblower that’s found only in the Pacific Northwest; its smoky-sweet flavor and slightly grassy notes linger long in the mouth. (“Olys” were James Beard’s favorite oyster.)


Clamato – Paris

This is hopelessly romanic this no-reservations oyster bar is tiny – only seven intimate tables – and no-frills with its bare bricks and stone floor. After ordering, customers pick out their cutlery from tins lining the bar. The oysters from Maldon, are beautifully fresh and even better on a romantic weekend over flickering candlelight.


A’ Riccione – Milan 

A ‘Riccione awaits you at 70 Via Taramelli with a variety of dishes not old just the superb oysters where the only protagonist is the fish- strictly fresh and of the highest quality. The traditional Milanese restaurant is elegantly furnished, courteous are available to meet your every need, while  experienced chefs work around the clock to deliver a taste sensation to your table.


Elysian – LA

At Elysian, the patio is surrounded by dense bamboo, the cocktail menu is new and weekends bring the addition of oysters to the bar menu. The Fanny Bay oysters are small with hints of cucumber, while the Chunu are salty and slightly earthy.


Maison Premiere – New York

Maison Premiere is as good as it gets. The oysters are amazing, the seafood towers are stunning, and the cocktails will blow your mind. There’s also absinthe, which is hard to find, and the staff is knowledgable and friendly. Diners pay a price for the experience, but the quality of everything on their menu is superb and certainly worth the money.


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