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United by a love of fine fragrance and personal ritual, friends John Horner and Dugal Reid launched the bespoke perfume jewellery company named Dauphine.

Dauphine creates exquisite hand-crafted bottles for some of the finest perfume in the world, designed in silver and overlaid in the purest enamels. English craftsmanship is world renowned for seemingly effortless quality, style and innovation. Inspired by the highest standards of creativity, design, and service, at Dauphine they want to play our part in championing special craft skills.

A Dauphine bottle is hand crafted from sterling silver, which then passes through multiple stages of precision engraving to create the desired, intricate guilloché design. This is an ancient and meticulous decorative technique that brings vibrant life and light to the surface of precious metals.

Using a mortar and pestle, a secret formula of glass, water and metal oxide is then ground by hand for many hours. The water is finally removed leaving a very fine paste that forms the basis for our hard enamel.

Beautiful and iconic flowers from around the world inspire designs. Chrysanthemum, Peony, Cherry blossom, Rose, Poppy and Lotus designs complete the series. Prices begin at £3,000.

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