One Million Queen – Unveiled

Italian artist Matt Marga launches the installation of the “One Million Queen” sculpture in Park Lane, London. This celebratory artwork wants to be homage to the World’s longest reigning Monarch and what could be more fitting that one million crystals and 53 diamonds!

Commissioned by Ventique art gallery and Westminster City of Sculptures One Million Queen art piece has been installed on Achilles Way, Park Lane. 

Matt Marga is an Italian artist based in London working from his studio in Chelsea. When looking for a universal symbol representing the city he chose one of the most recognisable profiles, the one of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. With his piece he wants to celebrate the life and legacy of one of the most influential figures in modern history and Head of the Commonwealth as a union of nations. The 1M Queen marks the first public exhibit of Marga in London.

The sculpture Her Majesty the Queen’s profile is created by the composition of one million crystals embedded in a monolithic optically clear sheet of glass measuring 2.95 m x 5.5 m height. The handmade diamond-cut crystals, which are approximately 2.5 mm in diameter, are partially coated with gold foil to increase the diffraction of light. Among the million crystals, 53 real diamonds – carefully placed at the centre of the crown’s cross – represent the 53 member states of the Commonwealth of Nations. The number is also a nod to the coronation of Elizabeth II which took place on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey, London.

The glass weighs 2500 kg and is held by a steel frame in the ground of 2500 kg. The engineering difficulties of installing such an imposing object required months of planning and calculations to ensure the final effect would have the visual impact the artist intended to achieve at the best level of stability.

Many reasons have led the location to be Park Lane as the perfect choice in terms of position. The site has been designated by Westminster City of Sculpture programme as a suitable location to promote public art for everyone to enjoy. Essential part of the concept for the sculpture was for it to always be visible by the public and kept on an outdoor location, not held behind closed doors in a private collection.

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