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Superfine is a collection of luxury dog beds from Italian designer Paolo De Anna — and when we say “luxury” I mean these beds are meticulously handmade by expert craftsmen in the Veneto region of Italy. They are all inscribed with their own individual production numbers since each design is produced in a limited run of 200, making these functional pieces of art all the more exclusive.

With materials like raw steel, bent Zebra Wood, Walnut, and even premium-quality Bisazza Opus Romano mosaic tile in some cases. Hopefully the lucky dogs who get to rest their heads on these Superfine beds share their humans’ appreciation of the finer things in life.

Featured is a pet bed as a designer spherical element in raw steel, heated on a flame and irregularly buckled, with a manually hammered opening with ground effects. It is supported by manually turned wooden legs, available in different species of wood.

Take a look and purchase the whole collection here.



Firenze – Pictured above.

Hand-crafted structure in steam-bent solid plywood, with walnut/olive feet, which can be decorated (on request) with hand set stones and ornaments. Upholstered in imitation leather with prestigious buttoning (using an early padding method that makes the item even more exclusive). Removable and washable microfiber cover, elegantly attached to the chair by stylish fastening points, useful for positioning the cushioning correctly.



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