Blancpain and Marilyn Monroe

If anyone was to own a Wonder Watch it would of course been one of the sexiest women in history. Marilyn Monroe, is regarded as the emblem of femininity and beauty.  The style icon had an opulent lifestyle and the star was synonymous with, a dainty diamond Blancpain cocktail watch was one of the few personal effects of great value that she owned.

The model, actress, singer and 1950s icon left an extraordinary legacy and represented true star quality.  Born Norma Jeane Mortenson in June 1926, she had a rocky upbringing and spent much of her childhood in the care of foster parents. Her traumatic childhood made her shy and reserved but with phenomenally photogenic began modelling at the age of 16. In 1946, Norma changed her name to Marilyn Monroe, she began drama lessons and secured a film contract with Twentieth Century Fox, her cinematic  success catapulted her in to worldwide domination. Marilyn became a symbol of glamour, style and beauty.

The watch story
Marilyn’s Blancpain watch is an Art Deco style representative of the fashion of the time.  Set with 71 round diamonds and two marquise-cut diamonds, the dial and movement bear the signature ‘Blancpain Rayville Watch Co’, while the bracelet features two safety chains with a folding clasp.  The watch garnered $225,000 at auction and was bought by the manufacturer, Blancpain in November 2016. The famous timepiece is now on display at the Blancpain Museum in Switzerland.


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