Chinese Delight – Soho London

When bangers and mash just won’t cut it, try some Asian-infused cuisine at one of London’s finest Chinese restaurants. This elaborate dining experience will send your taste buds for a ride with an abundance of spices and exotic flavours.

Sichuanese chefs are legendary for their ability to combine many different tastes into exquisite complex flavours. Some of these are robustly spicy, while others are delicate and teasing. And the use of chillies is so inventive that their taste never palls. In China, they say the variety of flavours used in Sichuanese cuisine is so dazzling that ‘each one of a hundred dishes will have its own, unique taste’.


Barshu brings you the best of the authentic flavours of Sichuan. So look out, among others, for the seductive ‘fish-fragrant’ combination of pickled chillies, ginger, garlic and spring onion, the addictive fieriness of ‘numbing-and-hot’ flavoured dishes, and the refreshing tones of a ‘ginger-juice’ sauce.

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