Ultimate Christmas List

Nothing beats the feeling of giving someone a gift they’ll truly love. In our ultimate gift guide, we’ve picked presents so perfect that you’ll be the top of everyone’s extremely nice list. This list is beyond bespoke!

1 – Motorbike – SVARTPILEN 701 T

Questioning the  STATUS QUO

The SVARTPILEN 701 is simple, raw, authentic and thrilling to ride. Its design captures some of the original spirit that originally made motorcycling great, and that still fuels the imagination of riders today. Its flat track-inspired design exudes a timeless appeal that will continue to stand the test of time. Riding this powerful single-cylinder street explorer is an experience that recaptures the excitement of those first sparks of inspiration, while its SIMPLE. PROGRESSIVE. design is a paradox that challenges the status quo of motorcycling.


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2 – Yunus & Eliza

Launched in 2008 with their acclaimed Unsung Heroes collection Yunus Ascott and Eliza Higginbottom’s creative partnership has gone on to become one of the most in demand and respected in the industry. The Studio creates bespoke sculptures within the film, TV, fashion, interior design, and music worlds. Yunus & Eliza jewellery has featured globally in some of the duo’s favourite stores and is now exclusively made to order. Specializing in hand carved sculptural metal work this award winning studio is where masterful craftsmanship meets rebellious luxury design.

Price – Bespoke

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3 – Beazie PROPELLER Earrings

18k yellow gold set with diamonds.

Earring length: 4.2cm Earring width: 3cm

From £2,750

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4 – Viper Coronet – vittorio ceccoli

This a tiara with vipers that can be detached and worn as earrings. Each earring has a clip closure for the top of the ear and a lobe needle in the tail part of the viper. The tiara is enriched by filigrees that are the basis for a princely floral world, where violets, leaves and welded twigs shine with their hand-set Swarovski crystals. There are two small hair combs at the edges of the tiara that help keep it in place.

Electroplating: gold.

This jewel is entirely handmade and Nickel-free (hypoallergenic). Small imperfections outline the made in Italy craftsmanship and they make every jewel unique.

Shipping takes 10 working days from the date of the order.


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5. Alexandra Llewellyn – Her designs are both games and objets d’art.

Collaboration with iconic British photographer Terry O’Neil, printed with Goddesses he has photographed over the years.

Alexandra and O’Neil searched his extraordinary archive spanning 50 years, choosing images of some of the glamorous women Terry has photographed.

This extraordinary collectors’ piece features icons such as Bridget Bardot, Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress, Goldie Hawn, Jean Shrimpton, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy, encased in a Macassar ebony box.

The dice shakers are engraved with O’Neil’s photo taking fingerprint.

The playing pieces are mother of pearl and red stone encased in brass.

This is a limited edition of 20 boards, each signed and numbered by the photographer. 60cm x 77cm x 5cm / 23.5″ x 30″ x 2″ when open.

Handmade in the UK


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Asked to make a ‘rock’n’roll’ ceremonial dagger for an eminent Scottish landowner, innovative jeweller Stephen Webster MBE was soon reaching for a hematite, stingray skin and some Damascus steel, forged in a Peckham railway arch.

A Scottish client of mine recently purchased a castle in Fife. As you might expect, castle ownership comes with trappings, the first being one’s own tartan and kilt wardrobe, the second an armoury to help keep out the English.

The go-to weapon amongst a Scotsman’s personal defence options is, of course, the sgiandubh, the concealed dagger worn down the sock to accompany the battle kilt and sporran combination. My brief was to design and make “the most rock’n’roll sgian-dubh ever”. That’s the kind of tight, no nonsense instruction for a bespoke piece that l enjoy the most, although this was going to be the first knife of any description that we had been commissioned to produce.


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7 – Hieronymus Pen

The Sculpture Pen is an expression of our creative desire for aesthetic and functional uniqueness. Its uncompromising design is a blend of two geometric shapes which flow smoothly from round to square.  The result is a clear contour arising from the sleek interplay of the surfaces. A precisely balanced shaft converts a monolithic mass into dynamic elegance and generates the sculptural tension of a shape which both flows and is complete in itself. The Sculpture Pen not only resembles a sculpture in appearance, but its creation is similar too. 

It is exclusively handcrafted from the outside in, until the perfect form is achieved. The only way to create the shaft so that it does not show the same cross-section at two points is for handcrafting specialists to make it from one piece. The cap and shaft join seamlessly to form a complete unit. The solid material and minimalistic shape combine with the sleekness of the gold nib to form a balance that influences the handwriting as well as the writer: recognizable in the confident smooth strokes of the pen – and by the fact that the writer does not put this beautiful pen down even after the last word has been written and the last full stop set.

The ink can be extracted from the ink converter provided or from cartridges. It is the interplay of design, superb workmanship and distinguished materials which makes this unique writing instrument stand out.

– £2133

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8 –  Saffron Bespoke Bicycle

Saffron Frameworks creates custom bicycles that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each Saffron frame is unique and every one is hand-crafted especially for you.

By first understanding what you want from your bicycle, together they design a frame matching your geometry and cycling goals. Then, after some measuring, cutting, brazing, aligning, polishing and painting they turn that design into your perfect travelling partner on two wheels.

Saffron builds just a few frames each year, and treat each one with the same love and care.


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10 – Bank Suitcase

Exclusively Made in Italy, the Bank suitcases are inspired by vintage trunks revised in a modern key. It is the designer Marc Sadler who gives life to this unisex collection, available in 7 different sizes and 4 color variations, constructed from precious materials using avant-garde technologies. The aluminum shells, 10 microns (μ) thick, combined with the special Butterfly locks, guarantee protection and resistance to the elements. The dual wheels ensure ease of transport and the interior with compartment dividers and leather details provide a perfect organization of the content.

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