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1 – Stargazer Candleholder Multi   – Nero Marquina 

A beautiful union of brass and marble, the ‘Stargazer’ candleholders are inspired by orreries – mechanical models of the solar system used since classical times. Available in two designs, these candlesticks have a powerful sculptural presence far exceeding their practical use. 

The Lunar Collection is designed by Lara Bohinc for Lapicida.


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2 – Bang & Olufsen – David Lynch

Bang & Olufsen is proud to announce a special edition speaker collection with artwork by director, screenwriter, actor, artist and musician David Lynch. The collection features selected images and details from the “War Between the Shapes” series, works on paper created by the iconic artist in the 1970s and from the “Paris Suite” lithographs created in 2007 at the renowned Idem studio.

The launch of the special edition speaker collection marks the continued collaboration between Bang & Olufsen and David Lynch, a self-proclaimed long-time patron of the company. “I’m honoured to be part of this special collaboration,” says David Lynch. “Bang & Olufsen has always been known for great sound and great design.”

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3 –  Glass Straws

When we learned that single-use plastic straws can’t be recycled, we decided to drink differently. We wanted to create a straw that didn’t have a damaging impact on our planet. We tried paper, we tried stainless steel… but they weren’t quite right.

Then we had an idea: why don’t we make glass straws? Hummingbird Straws

From £15

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4Indoor Luxury handmade Swing

Add some fun to any space with the Robin Hood swing in Suade Camel, Walnut finish


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Our favorite Bogart Slim Tray done in collaboration with Rule of three. Rule of Three’s hand marbled leather is made in the ancient Japanese technique of marbling just a few miles away from our shop in Los Angeles by Paige Cleveland. Paige and I meticulously selected leather and wood that compliment and enhance the colors and patterns in each other. Our trays are made from North American white oak done three ways.  Natural with Blue Marble, Ebonized with Black Marble and Grey with grey marble. All have solid brass handles 

$ 400.00

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6- Lauren Dickenson Clarke

Lauren endeavors to create objects that have more than just function and are even more than just art; pieces which are a talisman to provoke conversation, excite the imagination and transport those that engage with them to a realm beyond the norm.

The surreal ‘Shoe of Eden’ design is inspired by the beguiling story of the Garden of Eden. Adopting a somewhat unusual drawing method called surrealist-automatism, Lauren has captured an alternative ending to the narrative. One in which Adam is devoured by the Serpent and Eve seeks her revenge, skinning the cunning creature and fashioning it into a boot! (Well, we did say it was surreal…)


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7 – Melody Rose Cushion

The Melody Rose textile collections were introduced in early 2017 and consist of sumptious velvet cushions and 100% cotton tea towels, made entirely in the UK.

Inject cheer into the chores with a Melody Rose cotton tea towel featuring the cheeky Models or go edgier with the Skull in Red Crown. Each design is available with one large central motif or a smaller repeat design. Also available as a set of two, for a charming gift.


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8 –  Stephen Webster Knifes

Any chef worth their mettle can tell you that raw talent will only get you so far in the kitchen. At some point, you’ll have to invest in some decent hardware – especially when it comes to cutting tools. And we posit that none are quite as magnificent as Stephen Webster’s Beasts of London knives.

Made exclusively by commission, these knives feature a construction that’s just as magnificent as their appearance, that being with handles made of brass connected to supremely high-quality Damascus steel blades – crafted with the same steel-folding technique utilized by Japanese sword makers. And each knife features a handle in the shape of an animal (or, in one case, a vegetable) representative of the knife’s purpose – including a bull, boar, rooster, ram, salmon, and a zucchini. The full set can be ordered through Stephen Webster Stores.

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Stories of Italy is a designers duo based in Milan that realize self-handling pieces connected with traditional Italian craft.

Our works are conceived as “everyday objects” that are aesthetically beautiful but also tools of communication: all our pieces carry their own stories.

Set of 4 Glasses


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