Lucile – British Distinction

Pleasure is always at the forefront of our minds and lingerie brand, Lucile, a British label with a unique heritage fulfils our desire for an unrivalled standard of elegance and femininity. Luxurious lingerie that is formed using only the purest of silks, the finest georgettes and gorgeous intricate laces.

The first collections, The Queen of Spain and Duchess of Warwick are inspired by the royalty Lady Duff Gordon dressed. Two of the most famous Lucile clients, The Duchess of Warwick requested black silk negligees to match the decoration in her boudoir and the Queen of Spain owned some of Lucile’s most beautiful pieces, made from “the most exquisite white satin trimmed with tiny point-venise lace appliques caught here and there with dainty bunches of orange blossoms.”

Each and every piece is hand made in Britain, all to exacting specifications for a flawless finish.




All the designs encapsulate the essence of sensuality, classic romance and sophistication. Resulting in the Lucile brand being recognised for the modern, understated elegance it rightly deserves.

One of our favourite designs which might very well make it onto our Wonder Christmas Lists is piece bridging the gap between loungewear and the bedroom. Seductive and elegant it would be a timeless piece for your wardrobe from the Pavillon Mars collection.

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