Art – Light by Rocco Borghese

World-renowned designer Rocco Borghese has provided beautiful, unique and made to order lighting for some of the world’s most successful hotels, resorts and luxury hotel chains.

Established in Italy as specialised glassblowers for three generations and for 35 years in their UK Head Office in London the Borghese family are devoted to the art and science of chandelier manufacture. Rocco Borghese grew up in the Borghese family environment surrounded by glass and glass blowing and now designs all the company’s chandeliers and wall lights

In his twenties Rocco with his ambition and love for glass, decided to start his own glass blowing business, Rocco resided in London to study architecture with interior design. Following his graduation Rocco began his first lighting business, creating custom made lights using neon. After many years he began working exclusively in Murano glass, moving away from more commercial projects in favour of developing his lights as art pieces.

Rocco eventually opened Borghese Luce Arte in Crouch End, with another shop in London’s affluent Kings Road in Chelsea equipped with workshops to create his unique art-light pieces.

Made from the finest materials to unmatched standards, Rocco Borghese chandeliers are known across the globe and recognised by buyers as a valuable investment. Each Rocco Borghese chandelier is issued with a pack including ownership documentation, certificate of authenticity and authenticity stamp. This provides valued clients with a record of provenance for insurance valuation and re-sale purposes.

59 Park Road
Crouch end
N8 8DP
020 8348 0456


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