African Luxury Reborn.

The painful chic brand that is Ozwald Boateng. A collection of texture, colour and substance each design evokes the essence of a gentleman’s character. The acknowledgement that style is an extension of one’s self culminates in the wearer having their own voice.

“The celebration of Heroes, Kings and Queens, inspiration for the future, the next generation. A true manifestation of individuality, the enhancement of your inner self, the real you, character, passion, heart and soul, undeniable self expression with NO COMPROMISE, AFRICANISM.” VOUGE

Boateng was inspired by the immaculate suits his father wore, Ozwald Boateng received his first suit from his mother aged eight which he fondly remembers as a double-breasted in purple mohair. At fourteen, he found a summer job sewing linings into suits.


“The quintessential cut. A thought, a revolution, detail, concentration, pushing the craft of bespoke tailoring further. Crisp and structured, exquisite artistry, innovative classicism. The secret that is uniquely Boateng.”

Boateng really started displayed his passion for tailoring when he helped a friend to make clothes for a fashion show, and after receiving praise for his work, sold his first collection to a menswear shop in Covent Garden. Some of his first pieces were also sold in Academy, Newburgh Street, in about 1987. This enabled him to open his first studio in the iconic Portobello Road in 1991. In 1994, Boateng staged his first catwalk presentation during Paris Fashion Week, the very first tailor to stage a catwalk show in Paris.

Look at fashion in 2018 and you see Africa is having an incredible influence and here at a The Wonder List we think that The Africanism Collection is going to be iconic and will stand the test of time.


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