House of Jude

House of Jude was borne out of a love of Turkish towels and a need for the ultimate cozy towel for baby named Jude!

Turkish towels, known as peshtemals are super soft and absorbent, and they dry quickly. They roll up to be quite compact making them perfect for the pool and for traveling. They are widely available for adults but they were nowhere to be found for little people until now. House of Jude was created but Kristina, Judes Mama!

“Our towels are ethically made by hand in Istanbul, Turkey. And as a tree-hugging, granola-crunching family, there was no doubt that they were to be made from ultra soft, and environmentally friendly bamboo.” Kristina¬†

Kristina has a beautiful range of towels to suit all ages, shapes and sizes. The colours are beautiful and would look stylish hanging in a family bathroom.

View the range here


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