The Moncler ‘Noir’

The ​Moncler Genius ​project: ​6 MONCLER ​NOIR KEI NINOMIYA.

After the long hot summer we are now all incredibly excited about sipping hot toddies in front of an open fire. Its time to really start looking at the your winter wardrobe. Top of our list at this week is anything from the Genius Noir Collection. The overall effect is one of dark romanticism, amplified by the shiny, futuristic black used throughout.

Kei Ninomiya explored an idea of wearable geometry, pushing the limits of duvet from both a technical​ ​and an aesthetic viewpoint, striving for innovation in both fields

To add to each garment’s surprising and unique look, Ninomiya has used various techniques such as intarsia, quilting, stitching, appliqué, and ruffling to create decorative yet geometric movements all over the surfaces.




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