Nendo Japan 2019

“Nendo: forms of movement”

Collaborating with a number of Japanese manufacturers using special materials and technologies, nendo’s 2018 solo exhibition will present 10 concepts that revolve around the idea of movement, originating from an object’s function, material or production process. All 10 concepts are defined by their delicate material and precise production techniques.

The exhibition will showcase not only the final products, but the models and mockups of each project, sharing with the visitors the manufacturing aspect as well as nendo’s creative design process. Among the 10 products we can find jewelry cases with unique openings made by cutting a spherical body, furniture made of a series of polycarbonate sheets where the softness can be altered by lamination, tables where “lines” and “surfaces” are ambiguous due to a refined polishing process, tiles that are formed through movement using a manual press production process.

Paper light sculptures by renowned Japanese artist and landscape architect Isamu Noguchi served as the inspiration for this range of table lamps by Nendo.


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