Crystal Piano – Superdesign Show

‘Crystal Rain’ draws upon kawai’s more than 90-year-old expertise in crafting fine pianos. The installation for the superdesign show at superstudio sees a dreamlike space, where music, art, and technology merge. The crystal grand maintains the iconic form of a traditional piano, while its inner workings are revealed within a delicately-crafted transparent cabinet. By bringing together the latest technology with the unique textures and proportions a piano inherently has, the crystal instrument also enhances the pianistsʼ own appearance. during the program, artist takahiro matsuo will seek to transcend the rigid boundaries often associated with the musical instrument industry.

This Piano is handmade with Industrial Strength Acrylic giving a unique window into the Soundboard, Action, Strings and Key Mechanism. Imagine striking a Forte Bass Octave and seeing the Carbon Fiber action react and propel the Hammer to strike the Bass Strings from the tip of your finger. The Entire Piano finish conducts Light giving endless possibilities to illuminate and leave a striking impression, no matter if that is a Stage, Lobby, Atrium, or Home.


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