4 autumn lighting trends for a cosy home

Each year, the Fall season boasts cooler, crisp temperatures and vibrant colours with its beautiful foliage and we get to look forward to Thanksgiving (I’m Canadian so ours is in October), then Halloween and finally Christmas  — it really is one of my favourite times of the year!  So as the nights begin to creep in and the days become darker, now is the right time to think about restyling and reinvigorating your lighting scheme to match or complement the season. After all, a badly lit room is a nightmare at the best of times let alone during one of the darkest times of the year so let’s focus on how we can create a cosy space that is functional and bright with these 4 tips below:

——– Patterned Shades ——–

Patterned lampshades have long been a decorator’s secret to add colour and texture to a space in a unique way. So have fun with patterned shades to bring in colour and character to your home! It also means that if you have an existing lamp base, you can customise it with patterned stretched or pleated lampshades. What’s more, depending on the size of each shade, you can switch shades around throughout the year to mix up each space in your home for a fresh look!

The Spring Starflower shade with the Contoured Lamp in Navy. Available on Decor A List.

Prickly Poppy Lampshade

These beautiful silk lampshades are all handmade in London. Available in large, medium and small sizes, the Ikat lampshade works well with a neutral base or a colourful one. The silk is all handwoven in Uzbekistan using ancient textile designs, made to be used together, mixing rich patterns and colours:

via: Gina Glavin

Tip! Where possible, have dimmers wherever possible to create ambiance and ensure your wall switches operate your floor and table lamps. This will make your life much easier and allow for more flexibility on how to light your home.

——– Hanging Low ——–

Literally, bring the light to you and absorb it in all its glory with a pendant lamp. These types of lights are perfect for defining kitchen spaces but are also now trending in bedrooms by replacing the bedside table lamp with a hanging one! In a kitchen setting, pendant lights are extremely effective if you have an open-plan room as they provide a nice, cosy, warm glow for families preparing meals together and enjoying them afterwards.

Tip! Try to match your pendant lighting in your kitchen with any fixtures you have or with the colour of your cupboards for consistency. Copper pendant lights are a great way to add a focal point and the warm tone will illuminate your kitchen.

——– Hues of Fall ——–

Find inspiration with the beautiful hues of Fall, such as earthy browns, vibrant oranges, zesty reds and warm yellows to brighten up your space. If you are incorporating colours such as red, orange or yellow into your home, you’ll find that when illuminated, you will experience a warm glow that is enhanced by the colours of these table lamps.

Two brushstroke lamps adorn the bedside tables in this interior by Bailey McCarthy

Nothing could be more classic than this reddish-brown glazed lamp traditional double gourd ceramic lamp with gold gilt wedding band base. Take our word for it; the Cinnamon Lamp will work in any colour scheme.

Pen Shell, a bivalve in the mollusk family, covers the obelisk-shaped base of this lamp. This natural material ensures unique patterns and colour gradations in honey brown tones. The lamp sits on four matte brass ball feet.

Bright and cheerful, this vibrant coral lamp base is customisable just for you. Available in either chrome or brass fittings and a variety of lamp shades and colours

——– Candle Light ——–

Last but not least and it might seem obvious, but for the ultimate lighting effect for snug nights in this season, introduce candle light into your home. Lanterns filled with pillar candles and clusters of dainty tea light holders are perfect for creating a focal point in your living room, especially for a fireplace. A flickering candle is something that everyone loves and even more so if it’s scented with fragrances such as pine and cinnamon.


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