Wearing Memories

Wearing Memories is a jewellery label owned and designed by champagne enthusiast Kiron Barui. The jewellery houses the caps from champagne bottles. which are interchangeable so you can wear the memory of your special event again and again. All Wearing Memories jewellery are designed and manufactured wholly in Australia.

It took two years for Kiron and her jeweler to perfect a beautiful ring that allows caps to be interchanged easily to match clothes or the occasion. Kiron has gone on to expand the range to include lockets elegantly strung with pearls, scarf rings that can store a keepsake under the cap, bracelets for both men and women and other wonderful items to enable anyone to wear that special memory, perfect for the Summer.

 “I’ve never seen such innovative and unique jewellery. The concept of encapsulating memories in a jewellery case is fabulous! Champagne please!” The Wonder List 



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