At Vertu our aim is simple: to create the extraordinary.

We do this not only by putting something truly exceptional in your hand but also by ensuring your Vertu is more than an object of desire. Through our lifestyle services, it’s your passport to an exclusive world. And to guarantee every Vertu meets our uncompromising standards and your high expectations, each blends a unique trilogy of craftsmanship, performance and services. Vertu always look to collaborate with those who share a similar ethos; such as a desire for exceptional craftsmanship and innovative uses of technology. Wissam Shawkat perfectly encapsulates these values – his Arabic calligraphy is renowned as an iconic interpretation of the 800 year-old art form. In perfecting his art, Wissam has created his own script – ‘Al Wissam’ based on several historical styles, whilst adding his own contemporary look. This collaboration has resulted in four bespoke Signature Touch handsets. Each carries a completely unique calligraphy design, which is matched with unique wallpapers for the display, echoing the design of the phone. Wissam created the original designs to honour the theme of ‘love’. Vertu customers have the opportunity to purchase a Signature Touch handset featuring one of Wissam’s iconic Arabic calligraphy designs at one of eight selected Vertu boutiques in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon. Alongside the selection of bespoke Signature Touch handsets, Wissam is available to commission an individual calligraphy design to make your Signature Touch truly one-of-a-kind. Contact any of the Boutiques listed below to discover how you can create your unique Signature Touch.

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