Vanderohe is a synergistic blend of the world’s highest grade organic, cold-pressed oils, enriched with 100% pure, organic and wild-harvested essential oils to transform your skin.

A multi-correctional face oil made from the highest grade, Soil Association-certified organic, cold-pressed oils, enriched with eight active, 100% pure, organic and wild-crafted, steam-distilled essential oils. That means no nasty pesticides or chemicals in our formulation.

All of the oils are sourced from the countries where the plants have optimal conditions for growth, to ensure that they have optimal benefits for your skin. Each oil has been chosen for its unique skin-healing and mood-enhancing properties.

Thanks to the synergistic reaction upon blending these oils, their properties become even more potent: it is at once balancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, moisture-boosting and skin-strengthening, with notable results in reducing redness, scarring and pigmentation.

The unique consistency of the oil makes it suitable for all skin types, whether used as a face oil alone, or as a serum mixed with other products. Its delicate scent is fresh, earthy and herbaceous with warm, floral undertones and it has taken over two years to attain and perfect to ensure it has the most effective mood-enhancing properties.

It’s changed my life. I love it so much. I have been getting so many “glowing skin” compliments since using it. Love, love, love!


I love the scent and how nourished my skin feels.


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