Valextra’s artisans are the leading characters of this story of outstanding technique and timeless tradition, where every single gesture and step is synonymous with uniqueness. Curated by Martino Gamper who lives and works in East London The lines, minimal and streamlined, reflect a sense of sobriety and discretion that is rooted in the brand’s Milanese origins, unveiling the hidden emotions and passions that have always been part of that identity, in a seductive contrast between restraint and passion. Magnets concealed inside every bag, wallet and leather item allow each product to be attached, as if magically, to the wall. “It means you can see the bag better, through 270 degrees,” says Martino. “and I love the idea of objects floating in space.” “Magnets are potent things, as is the idea of attraction and seduction, which is important in retail,” says Martino.


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