Tomas Brilliance

The aspirational story of the Pelham Bag Tomas Brilliance is a London based design label founded by Tomas Mfita the brand was envisioned in 2014 & launched in 2015. The Pelham handbag is hand crafted in the East End of London by a team of six with years of experience using high level of hand crafting techniques to produce The Pelham Handbag.

I want to take you on a journey that’s inspired me and share every chapter with you by inviting you to my world. the Pelham tote bag it’s a part of my journey it tells a story of my brand and who i am and where I’ve come from. While working as a postman one of the areas I was covering was South Kensington/Chelsea London area. The Inspiration of the Pelham bag came from Pelham Crescent in Chelsea it’s a street that’s full of history and heritage which inspired me to create the Pelham Tote handbag. The aspirational design of the Pelham Bag came from the envelopes and packages I was delivering. Please contact Tomas for price and further information on this stunning bag.


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