Thames in the debut jewellery collection created by Blondey McCoy and Stephen Webster. London is their town and Soho their stomping ground, with the legendary Groucho club to thank for their joyous and jaunty jewellery collaboration, concocted late one night over an absinthe or three.

The crafting of jewellery is, Webster acknowledges, a micro art form, a miniaturised oeuvre where both magnification and a keen eye play a tirelessly discerning role. “As a jeweller I can tell you that a small detail you can’t see even with the naked eye can ruin your whole day,” he says. “Any craftsman that cares about his work will say the same. But as with anything involving magnification, the world in which you operate is no longer part of the real world. It’s a slightly surreal, Alice in Wonderland existence but one that produces exquisite results”.

Now four decades on, the romancing of obscure and exotic stones from all corners of the world – Opals, Beryls, Tourmalines, Tanzanites and Peridots – is still central to Webster’s craft and creativity. “It’s the pursuit of these stones that has defined my style,” he says. “Even today I get excited about a gem if I think I’ve got something no one else has.” Meanwhile, the prevailing theme in all Stephen Webster collections is one of painstaking craftsmanship; the belief that jewellery can only be truly beautiful if it’s beautifully made.


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