Suki Sabur

Suki Sabur is a luxury accessories label that specialises in printed silk scarves and pocket squares. She ensures that all of the products are manufactured and produced in the UK, keeping the brand local and ethical.

 Every design is drawn to scale by hand, and then painted using a unique colour palette which is a part of Suki Sabur’s signature style. This allows her to focus on each section of the scarf and imagine how the design will work whilst being worn. With as little digital manipulation as possible, these silk squares of art are truly unique and authentic pieces.

 Each scarf is printed on the finest silk twill with hand rolled finishing. Going by the bold statement of ‘Positivity Love Happiness Creativity’ Suki Sabur believes that a single design can brighten up any outfit and put a smile on your face. As pieces that are all designed and painted with love, she hopes that they are also admired and worn with love.