Madrid, Sublimotion the world’s first gastronomic performance experience, based at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, is launching its new season with a combination of cutting-edge technology and a crew of leading professionals and artists from the world of gastronomy, drama, music, art, design, technology, magic, illustration and neuroscience.

For its fourth season, Chef Paco Roncero has created a kitchen team that features his great friends, chefs Dani Garcia, Diego Guerrero, Toño Perez and pastry chef Paco Torreblanca. With eight Michelin stars between them, the A-team showcases the chefs’ gastronomic flair and talent in crafting the new Sublimotion 2017 experience.

The soundtrack to Sublimotion 2017 has been put together by Alfonso González Aguilar, a film score composer with a prestigious career in Los Angeles. Alfonso has designed a musical menu to enhance the haute-cuisine experience and awaken the senses.

Spain’s globally renowned, innovative illusionist Jorge Blass has added an element of magic to this year’s gastronomic spectacle by contributing his knowledge and experience to spellbind and captivate the audience.

In a first for the arts, Madrid-born illustrator Juan Carlos Paz, aka ‘BAKEA’, puts a new meaning to the term ‘a sweet tale’, by combining his illustrations with the deserts of pastry chef Paco Torreblanca. The combination includes additional ingredients such as a choreographed service, overhead projection and a bespoke soundtrack that will set a new precedent in using gastronomy as a spectacle.

Responsible for the design of the décor and experimental tableware is Alicante artisan, José Piñero, who has created a number of original, exclusive designs in his workshop for the new season’s gastronomic show. In addition, fashion designer Roberto Diz has created a set of costumes with looks that will gradually change according to the theme of the scene served in real time.

For the second consecutive year, DJ and music producer Wally López adds the essence of Ibiza’s nightlife with a scene that features a prism of electronic musical sounds to reflect the island’s musical heritage and accompany the haute cuisine.

This year, Sublimotion has also enlisted talented professionals from theatre, events and etiquette fields, such as Jose María Silva (from circus company Alehop), Queralt Riera (playwright) and Gerardo Correas (from the International School of Protocol) to investigate the evolution of a new art form.

Combining augmented and virtual reality with gastronomy, and radical scene changes ranging from an early 20th century cabaret, an avant-garde future, to the heart of south-east Asia, there’s no doubt that this year’s gastronomic experience will be the greatest Sublimotion yet.

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