Style and Grooming: The Ultimate Buying Guide to Mens Watches

Style and Grooming: The Ultimate Buying Guide to Mens Watches

In today’s generation, wristwatches seem to lose their value and purpose. As technology improves and develops, people tend to use our mobile devices to check the time, including tablets, computers, and whatever gizmos we carry these days. And all of a sudden watches become outdated and old-fashioned.

Before, watches are fundamental and essential, especially for men. It is something they wore every morning and took off every night before they sleep. Watches was a necessity. Otherwise, you will never know the time of the day, and most probably you will be late for all your errands.

Watches are the only appurtenance that men can put on every day. It is not only there for you to know the time but it is your statement piece. If you don’t put on a watch, you are overlooking on that opportunity. For a little help, check the guide below before buying the perfect men’s watch.

The Movements

The first thing you need to know before buying a watch is knowing what makes them tick. It means knowing the movement or caliber. The caliber is the system or the engine inside a watch that gives power to it.

There are two types of caliber, quartz and automatic. The quartz mechanism utilizes an oscillator, controlled by a chunk of quartz and supported by a battery, to provide time. Apparently, most of the watches today uses this type of caliber because they are inexpensive to produce and exceptionally accurate.

On the other hand, the automatic movements work through the motion of the person’s wrist to flex the mainspring, which powers the watch. And if you take it off, the power stops. They usually last for about 34-48 hours, and after that, they will need some rewinding.

The Different Styles

Now that you know what makes them tick, it is time to know the different styles that fit every affair. When it comes to sleek and trendy men’s watches, there are five types. The diver watch, dress watch, field watch, racing watch, and an aviator watch.

  • The diving watch, tailored to work in the depths of the ocean, is one of the most popular types of watches in the world of sport. Most men adorn this type of watch because of its clear and vivid dials and hands, rugged construction, and a bezel that works in a single direction.
  • While a dress watch is all about sophistication and simplicity, it’s not too extravagant, yet it profoundly attracts attention. Typically affixed to a leather strap, dress watches are very thin. As such, it remains hidden under a person’s cuff until he needs to check the time. Put on a dress watch for dressier occasions that require you to wear fancy suits.
  • On the other hand, a field watch is no different from a dive watch. The field watch, designed for expeditions such as camping and hiking, needs to remain vigorous and strong in the roughest conditions and provide the person wearing it the info they need. As such, you should choose waterproof and durable field watches.
  • Furthermore,  racing or driving watch are there to provide accurate time for racecar drivers to calculate the result of the race. It has a very masculine style, which makes them irresistible to men. This type of watch usually has large dials with luminous Arabic numerals and stainless steel case.
  • The aviator watch, designed to make reading time a lot easier, makes timekeeping simple for aviators. However, the aviator watch does not have a unique style, meaning the features of this watch can vary.

The Size

When it comes to buying a watch, size is of the utmost importance. You need to know how well attuned the wristwatch is to your hand and wrist. If it is too huge for your wrist, it will surely look flashy and ostentatious. If it is too small, it will seem that you are wearing a woman’s timepiece.

To get the right watch, put it on your wrist and find the girth of your wrist. A 6 to 7 inches circumference is ideal for small to medium watches. On the other hand, if your wrists circumference is 7.5 to 8 inches, then large sizes are perfect for you.

The Straps

The straps of your timepiece play a crucial role since it is the one that attaches your watch to your wrists. There are two main types of straps, leather and metal bands. For the latter, it can be either stainless steel or metal.

While leather bands have many types, for instance, crocodile leather bands, alligator leather bands, etc. But, your preferred strap or band depends on your liking of course, and for what reason or intention. It all depends on you.

The Price

If you have an ample amount of money, then you can, without any problem, choose any watch you like. But for people with a set budget, the type of watch will solely depend on how much money you are ready to spend. Keep in mind that a men’s watch is not an expense, it is an investment. Thus you need to choose sensibly.


By reading the guide above, you should, by now, have a better understanding of what makes an excellent wristwatch and what to consider before buying one. A man’s watch is not only an accessory but an investment. You can visit some online stores such as Deal Wiki to see an extensive a variety of men’s wristwatches.


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