Sandra Cronan

Any form of haute joaillerie is a wondrous thing, a beautiful keepsake to treasure, whether it’s embellished with an emerald mine’s yearly quota or a simple piece of hand-crafted gold. Yet there’s something even more intrinsically special about vintage jewels.

Perhaps it’s the gravitas that comes with age, perhaps it’s knowing that another person in the piece’s history has loved and cared for it, but there’s no denying the enchantment that comes with owning a sparkling piece of the past.

As with anything vintage however, it’s a bit of a minefield. Almost more important as a piece’s intrinsic value is its provenance and to ensure that you need to go to an expert. Who better then than one of London’s most highly respected experts in the esoteric world of jewels?

For Sandra Cronan, the mysteries of vintage jewellery are anything but. The myriad exquisite items housed within their Albemarle Street store are beyond compare, both in their beauty and historical significance.

That history, incidentally, doesn’t need to be a specific period in time; Sandra Cronan’s expertise knows no bounds of era. From 17 th century to 20 th century and more modern pieces, as long as they are excellence incarnate they have a home at Sandra Cronan.

Should customers somehow not find something to captivate them within her store, Sandra Cronan also helps clients find a specific special piece. Due to their expertise, they are able to inquire into places that no ordinary customer would be able to reach, using their extensive contacts to find precisely what the client is after. Whether you’re find something spectacular within their superlative boutique or decide you need to hunt out that perfect piece, Sandra Cronan’s expertise and personable service are at your disposal, a guide through the glimmering world of vintage jewellery well-versed in the needs of London’s most discerning clientele.