Romilly Wilde

Founded by superfood guru Susie Willis, the brand Romilly Wilde has been developed scientifically to offer a selection of serums and oils that boost the skin’s metabolism from first use, energising the skin’s cells, which is essential for the synthesis of elastin and collagen production. Scent is a vital part of this line, and every essential oil in the blends has been chosen for their therapeutic qualities, their effect on the limbic system, and how the body responds to their olfactory triggers. Ingredients include: wild saffron, turmeric, sea buckthorn fruit, jasmine flowers, rose, manuka and wild osmanthus flower. The launch range includes: Light + Energy Serum Cleanser, Advanced Supercell Serum and Active Boost Face Oil, as well as the IDLE fragrance.

This really is a superfood for the skin and coming from Susie Willis I would expect nothing less.

Take a look at the extraordinary list of organic ingredients and what they can do for your skin

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