Robe de Voyage

Inspired by ripples of sunlight on water and crafted from the finest crêpe de chine silk, the Zanzibar is the quintessential robe for the glamorous globetrotter. Captivating and refined, the robe moves beautifully and arrives ready for adventure with a Robe de Voyage travel pouch, delivered in a handmade gift box. Handcrafted from the softest khadi cotton which takes weeks to spin and weave by hand, the Robe de Voyage collection is lightweight, versatile and ideal to roll up and pack in your carry-on. From the placement of the print to the handmade box they arrive in, each garment is unique: an original work of art that you will never want to travel without. “This robe is perfect for wandering around the pool and reliving those holiday memories once at home – the mimicry of Hockney’s pools makes it even more special for me” The Wonder List


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