Nicholas Rayne has re-launched his family business, after an interlude of almost 25 years, thanks to the partnership with CDivertiamo, an Italian company run by Giuseppe Baiardo, which specializes in the production of exquisite shoes for women. Rayne London, together with CDivertiamo, wants to preserve the sophistication that its products have been renowned for over the past hundred years, while maintaining a close connection with the present, by designing contemporary luxury shoes.

Rayne London is a British brand of Italian made shoes, which had been granted Royal Warrants as shoemakers by Queen Mary in the 1930s, by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in the 1940s, and in 1955 by the present Queen. Rayne London carries all the charm of the old British aristocracy, irreverent and eccentric as it can be, together with the boldness of fashionable London. The key to its success is a wise mix of wonderful, new designs, fine manufacture and acknowledgement of the brand’s incredible heritage as the sources of inspiration.



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