Passavant and Lee

We started Passavant and Lee because we wanted to create something unlike anything that existed in the marketplace. As an American and an Englishman – who forged a friendship traveling the globe modeling for some of the fashion industry’s top brands – we wanted the products we created together to carry the spirit of each of our home countries.
We had a vision of two unique raw materials coming together; fine leather, handcrafted in the English tradition and aircraft grade aluminum, honed precisely in the spirit of American engineering.
These two materials had sat side-by-side for a century in fine watches, automobiles and military aircraft, but never so distinctly, or deliberately in a case a man might carry with him each day.
All products are designed in New York and handmade in London; they are grounded in old world craftsmanship and detailing, but with a modern, adventurous spirit that we hope appeals to pioneering men everywhere.


Jon Passavant was raised in Pennsylvania and has modeled since 2001, appearing for Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, and many others. In 2006 Jon co-founded the Model Home Project, a non-profit focused on activating the fashion industry around service projects. He has worked with several early-stage companies in the consumer and business technology sectors, with a focus on product development. With an educational background in business, Jon brings his unique experience to bear in creating a brand focused on innovation, heritage, and craftmanship.


Benj Lee was raised in central London and has had a lifelong passion for design and craftsmanship. He has modeled since 2001, appearing for Elli Tahari, Nautica, Levis, Alfred Dunhill and many others. He has also led efforts transforming historic residential properties in central London into beautiful spaces involving modern functionality with a classic aesthetic. Ever the adventurer, he has traveled the world with his wife and family honing an appreciation for timeless design in all its forms, and uses that experience to conceptualize and create new products that embody those ideals.


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