Osloform – Serpentine Stereo

Serpentine stereo features built in phono preamplifier, and 4”  full range speakers.

In the design process of Serpentine, we have focused on minimalism, usability and tactile contrasts.  We have also strived to cultivate the essence of a stereo as both hi-fi and furniture object. For us, sound quality, usability and aesthetics are equally important qualities in such a product.

Price 38000 NOK Ink. Norwegian VAT.

Please send your inquiry to sales@osloform.no

Founded on 1 January 2015, Osloform is a new studio consisting of five young Norwegian designers: Camilla Akersveen, Åsmund Engesland, Christopher Konings, Henrik Waarum and Mikkel Sebastian Juell. All except Waarum are BA and MA graduates of Oslo National Academy of the Arts; Waarum studied as an electronics developer at the University of Oslo. Each has achieved considerable success as an individual designer, but the five decided to form a company with ambitions to bring Norwegian furniture and products to a wider global audience. All are devotees of materiality, letting the inherent qualities of the substance they are using shine through in the finished object.

Sweep is a silent clock with consistently sweeping hands. This way there will be no annoying ticking sound.

The inspiration for the clock hands are taken from Wrist watches from the classic Bauhaus period.

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