ONESIXONE are the three first figures of the number that governs beauty, the golden ratio. The golden ratio attributes an aesthetic character to objects. Some even believe it has a mystical importance. Along the history it has been included in the design of various works of architecture and art. The golden ratio is synonym with balance, harmony and beauty because of its sound, its emotional charge, its visual and graphic balance. The sense of harmony that transmits being a palindrome number and representativeness of this number in the philosophy of the brand, as well as its their relationship with nature and architecture.

Our iconic bag created by Adrian Salvador and complemented by jewellery designer Helena Rohner will be the raw material that each contemporary artist will interpret every 6 months. The bag is a canvas where each collection will reflect a different artist’s interpretation of harmony and balance as that is what defines the golden ratio or divine proportion, which is inspiration behind the ONESIXONE brand, making each bag one small masterpiece.

The great value of the ONESIXONE bags is that their size and shape, like a Greek temple, are based on the golden ratio and follow the rules of the divine proportion. This desire for symmetry conveys an unusual and unexpected beauty and a natural and fluid harmony to the woman who wears it.

ONESIXONE goes even further. The aesthetic vocation, as daughter of the divine number, will invite a different contemporary, emerging and established artists, twice a year to reflect on the concept of harmony and aesthetic function as anchors to which women can hold in this world.

Each bag will be the result of a creative process, where the artist will work around the search for harmony, beauty and balance creating an internal dialogue with the bag, with the sole aim to capture their vision of this concept. Adrian Salvador as creative director and the artisans of Ubrique will face this constant search for excellence each season. They will explore a product that reflects the deepest values of craftsmanship and the Spanish tradition with the most innovative techniques applied to the inspiration and the universe of the artist.


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