Almost a decade ago, respected plastic surgeon and aesthetics specialist based in the Netherlands, Dr Kazem started a journey that would take him to the frontier of anti-aging skin treatment. With several clinics in Europe and bookings for seminars internationally, the in-demand cosmetic guru felt something was missing from his current repertoire – a skincare range that made a true difference to the health and condition of skin, perfectly complementing the more invasive treatments and surgeries he was renowned for. With that, Nefera was born.

Fast forward several years and Dr Kazem decided to finally embark on his ambitious assignment. As a medical professional and specialist in skin rejuvenation, he knew that his product would only be as good as the quality and efficacy of the ingredients it contained. With this in mind he first focused on locating and selecting his star ingredient, which is exclusive to Nefera products. The organic peptide, which shares a name with the brand, is derived from Black Pollack fish found deep in the North Sea, extracted cleanly via natural enzymatic hydrolysis.

In extensive studies conducted by specialists at SQTS Laboratories in Switzerland the peptide showed remarkable regenerative abilities – actively stimulating healthy cell and tissue growth. This reproductive capability is ten times greater than that of placenta extract, demonstrating a unique capacity to activate the body’s immune response to aid natural skin healing. But then came the next challenge – almost as complex and lengthy a process as the first. As is the case with most peptides, Nefera’s molecular weight was too heavy to penetrate the epidermis – rendering its regenerative abilities largely useless without a vessel to enable it to reach its target location. Using cutting-edge nanotechnology, Dr Kazem and his team developed a ‘carrier’ for the peptide to ensure that it is transported deeper below the surface of the skin upon topical application for a truly effective result.

“Discovering this miracle peptide wasn’t enough on its own. We had to think how we could deliver it to the inner cell level of skin through topical application. I wanted to create a universal anti-aging product that is completely natural, actually worked and was suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. It’s only with help of the modern nanotechnology that we were finally able to bring this highly potent and unique product to the market.” ~ Dr Kazem

The result is a skincare range like no other. The products themselves are extraordinary, unique and exclusive –and the results are reflective of this. Developed in Swiss laboratories with the guidance of top dermatological scientists, Nefera’srange was eventually released.

Nefera products work best in conjunction with one another – combining forces for a formidable and powerfully potent skin treatment designed for all ages, ethnicities and a range of skin complaints. The collection is comprised of four products in total – a Day Crème, Night Crème, Lifting Serum and Scar Treatment Serum, all infused with potent volumes of the unique peptide. Nefera’s successful Introductory Set comprises of the first three – a successful trio bundled to make glowing, beautiful and youthful skin as easy as one, two, three. Enriched with olive oil and activated oxygen, the Day Crème soothes and protects. The Night Crème incorporates amino acids and richly nourishing natural extracts alongside added vitamin supplements for healing restoration during sleep. Supplementing the first two steps the Lifting Serum fills and plumps for a smoother, suppler, line-free complexion. Separately Dr Kazem’s clinically developed scar treatment incorporates the peptide to simultaneously soothe damaged skin whilst supercharging skin’s natural healing abilities to swiftly fade or erase scars.

Whilst the range remains compact for the moment, it has been received with remarkable critical acclaim by beauty bloggers, celebrities and Dr Kazem’s peers in the cosmeceuticalindustry. Notably it has been hailed as ‘setting a new standard in the field of cellular skincare’, with success set to accelerate as the products continue to attract attention from audiences worldwide.

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