Nauu Design

NAUU DESIGN was born in 2013 out of an experience of more than two decades related to Interior Design in Portugal. It is a brand that conceptualizes; designs and produces luxury & exclusive furniture. Created in Setúbal beside the Sado river, NAUU DESIGN is a brand that wants to take cross-border the strength and the distinction of one of the richest regions of Portugal.

The Bacchus Limited Edition Sideboard by SadusLuxury is one of their Roman-inspired pieces! The inspiration for the design of this sideboard are the wooden barrels in which the nectar of the Gods is saved. Made mostly out of polished stainless steel, the doors of the cabinet are made of palissander wood with high gloss varnish. Meanwhile, the interiors are done up in black lacquer with varnish, as well as palissander wood with varnish for the shelves and painted glass for the front of the drawers. With avant-garde design inspired by old traditions, this sideboard could not have a better name… Bacchus, the Roman God of wine. So, to know more about the trade price and customisation of this product, please get in touch with the brand.

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